Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where in the world are the Rhombergs

All of us are awake on Sunday December 5th. Two of us just woke up -- two of us are just going to bed.

Two of us are still enjoying warm-ish weather, if not humid weather.

Two of us are not exactly enjoying weather that we haven't seen since we moved away from Chicago five Christmases ago. (One of us is still thrilled by the sight of huge fluffy snowflakes falling from the sky) Two of us are not thrilled when the wind whips that snow into our faces and we can't see where we are.

Two of us are spending a week with the grandparents -- having a great time.

Two of us are spending a week together -- having a great time (we hope!)

Two of us are hoping we packed enough warm clothes to keep from freezing articles of our body off from the earliest snows of the season in this region.

So, where are we two and why are we here...

(No posting comments grandparents, Sam, Debbie and P&K)


Katie said...

D'oh! And I knew the answer, too. :) Hope you're having fun!

Mom S said...

Me, too....and we already have made reservations to go there. What do you think of that???

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Sambo said...

For once I know an answer!!!