Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Non-traditional birthday

This year I turned 38. I am now in the same age number as Jim (finally!!).
This is the 3rd birthday I get to celebrate in Australia. The day started out with a birthday song and signs from the kids. Then off to school as usual.
As I opened the door to take Emmalee to school, a box dropped in on me. I opened it to find a dozen beautiful fresh cut long stem roses from Jim.

Tuesday is scripture day, so I had to teach year 2 & 3 right away at school. First off was my year 2’s. One of my students has the same birthday, so while the teacher was telling him happy birthday I told him it was the best day ever to have a birthday. Which led her to figure out that it was my birthday. So,  my 2nd grade class sang happy birthday and then I got to blow out my first birthday candle of the day. Then my lovely son mentioned it to the year 3 teacher, so I got my 3rd graders to sing to me, too.
Off to coffee I go. Nick, the coffee guy surprises me with a special coffee top.
Then Jim comes home from his work meeting early enough that he offered to pick up the kids from school so I even got a birthday nap. – I had to set a timer for him to make sure he remembered to leave in time to pick up the kids, and to make sure that I could fall asleep and not worry. But it always scores daddy points for Jim when he shows up to pick up  the kids.
After the clarinet and flute lessons we headed over to Borruso’s for a non-cooking dinner for me. Then off to the house for birthday cake that Jim ‘brought home’ from the work meeting and birthday songs.

Unfortunately the birthday celebrations had to come to an end. Jim had to go to the Netherlands for work. The airlines had a car coming to pick him up at 7.45 and we would be left behind. Lucky for me the kids were great about his leaving and went to bed well. I was left to enjoy the rest of the evening on the couch with my pint of Ben and Jerry’s Caramel Swirl Ice Cream that I found at Woolies. YUMMY!!!

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Lisa said...

Happy very belated birthday!! Glad you had a good one. :) Enjoy reading your blog!