Friday, June 18, 2010

Supper Out at the Legion

Tonight in honor of Grandma, Bryan suggested that we all go to the Legion Hall for supper. Since Grandma loved going out - and going out to the Legion was one of her favorites, we chose there.

There was a specific time table we followed -- couldn't get there at 6 when the doors opened -- that would have embarrassed her. Couldn't go too late because the good salads would be gone. So 7pm was the decided time for the group of 11 of us to meet up there.

As we walked in, Jaeda and I were on the outs -- everyone else seemed to know someone and was hugging, so Jaeda joked that maybe we should be hugging, too. Eventually they found a table big enough for all of us.

Ordering was another story -- then dad ordered wine -- asked for the best red they had -- eventually got to a merlot. Ended up being a whole whopping $7 a bottle. Not a glass, a bottle. Nice change from Sydney prices. Dinner was a bit of a debacle. No one got quite what they ordered, when they should have gotten it, from the baked potatoes running out to the steaks being cooked a bit more than we would have liked -- and taking a good hour plus to come out. But gave lots of time to chat. LOTS OF TIME.

And in the end.... What did the bill come to???? A grand total of $106. For 11 people to have steak and side dish with salad. Unbelievable!!! And I have the photo to prove it.


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